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With over 50 years experience buying and selling auto salvage vehicles we are your access to finding the vehicle of your choice. From luxury to economy, you will find a vehicle here to suit your needs.

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles and Boats are available.

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Your annual $99 membership allows you access to thousands of vehicles daily at dealer prices. We take the risk out of buying salvage by having our people view the vehicles you're interested in and sending you photos and details before you bid. For that reason, we have thousands of happy customers. 

For $99.00/year it's by far the best deal anywhere!

For each vehicle purchased the buyers fee is only $299. There is NO fee unless a vehicle is purchased, the buyers fee Is only charged if you are successful at winning your bid.

We are committed to excellence in the industry and will personally guide you through the bidding and buying process of Salvaged Vehicles. There are no hidden fees, our company is straight forward; Annual membership of $99 and Buyers Fee of $299 on each vehicle you successfully bid on and buy.


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Become a Salvage Auto Access (SAA) member for $99 and you will have unlimited access to bid on thousands of cars across the United States at rock bottom dealer pricing.

Viewing is free, bidding and buying is only for SAA Members.

You don’t have to be a dealer to purchase at dealer pricing, just be an SAA member. We are affiliated with many other companies that you can view once you become a SAA member. 

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